Spring Turkey Hunting Checklist

Spring is on its way. Here in the East, we are less than two months away from returning to the woods once again. In between hiding under the covers in a Netflix coma, I try to clean, inventory, and arrange my gear. Here is a sample to-do list and equipment check list so you are ready for opening day.

-Pattern turkey loads at 10-60 yds (I will be trying 12ga Winchester Longbeard XR 3″ #4 this season).

-Clean shotguns, wax bowstrings, fletch arrows, check zeros.

-Find your prefered calls and practice. I like 2-3 reed bat wing diaphram and slate calls. Locator calls like owl hooters, crow, woodpecker, gobbler, etc.

-Clothing: wool socks, waterproof boots, under armor base layers if needed, camo pants, camo shirt or leafy suit, gloves, face mask; ball cap, boonie hat, or beanie.

-Backpack, fanny pack, or turkey vest:

-First aid: Bandaids, bandages, antiseptic, gauze, butterfly sutures, cotton balls and q-tips, tape, tweezers and scissors, etc.

-Tools: water, zip/twist ties, trail tape, compass, sunglasses, camo rain poncho, emergency whistle and mirror, 2+ Bic lighters, 1-2 garbage bags, Ziploc bags, skinning knives, binoculars, rangefinder, multitool, earplugs, anti-tick spray, snacks, chalk/abrasive for slate and box calls, pruning sheers and/or small saw, small amount of rope or cordage, cell phone, GPS if you have one, shotgun sling and some way to carry extra ammo, sitting pad or collapsible chair, pen and paper, extra pair of glasses and/or contact lenses and solution. Make sure to pack a blaze orange vest just incase you need it.

-Decoys depending on situation (I carry 2 folding foam decoys, 1 of each sex in a cloth sack)

-Ground blind or netting if that is your preferred style (I prefer to “run and gun”)

This represents some of the things I consider and will be bringing with me. Make your own checklist and organize your things so you don’t sabotage yourself before even stepping into the woods.


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