Spring Fishing – First Trout!

I’ve been casually fishing for the last few weeks, but hadn’t closed the deal until this morning. Throwing a few casts before work, I hadn’t seen anything but suckers in my usual spots.

But today, the water was clear and perfect. The ambient temperature was rather high, but I had a good feeling and a few hours to kill. I waded down stream a few hundred yards from my car until I found a nice looking pool. A few suckers sat at the bottom, but I decided to drift a fly through for good measure. Maybe a trout was among the suckers, mingling.

I twitched my beaded wooly bugger for a few minutes, trying to cover every inch of the pool. Suddenly I saw a flash, and my fly disappeared. Fish on!

After about 2 minutes of fighting, I landed and safely released a beautiful rainbow. What a great feeling!



I made my way farther downstream until I cam to a concrete fish ladder overlooking a large pool. Casually swimming about were two, 25+ inch brown trout. Try as I might, they weren’t buying what I was selling, and I had to head to work after about 45 minutes of frantic casts and fly changes.


Today’s Lessons:

-Don’t mind the suckers, cast anyway. There might be a trout in their midst.

-Equip an assortment of weighted flies when fishing with floating lines. This will help you get to the bottom of deep pools, and give you more control over currents. You can also carry an additional spool of sinking line if your reel allows.




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