Spring Fishing- First Outings

I’ve enjoyed two beautiful days on the water, but have yet to see or catch any fish.

The water is nice and clear, considering most of the ground is still somewhat frozen, and the muck season hasn’t fully begun. However, water levels are pretty high and moving fast.

Most of the people I have talked to haven’t had much luck either, besides a few dudes fishing egg sacks in deep pools.

I have tried several different setups based on the conditions. I haven’t seen any bait-fish, so I’ve forgone streamers thus far. Because of the fast current, I’ve elected to use mostly weighted nymphs, egg, and heavy worm flies. I tried a tandem rig for the first time today, with a small bead-head trailing behind a flashy egg fly.

I hope to try some new spots in the next few days, and am looking forward to talking with other anglers about what they are seeing.

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