Foam Archery Target Repair DIY

I destroy things.

Whether a clumsy accident, or through deliberate use, I am constantly breaking, wearing out, or losing stuff. Some things can be cheaply replaced or repaired, and others make you want to cry. Luckily, I have one easy DIY repair job that can exponentially prolong the life of your expensive archery targets.

I would love a few 3D targets, or a range chock full of foam/hay targets at various distances, but these do not realistically suit my needs or budget. My practice space is limited, I typically shoot broadheads year round, and I’m not going to spend lots of money on something that’s sole purpose is to be ripped to shreds. As such, I opted for an affordable ($40) foam target from Dicks Sporting Goods.

Delta McKenzie ProShot Block Target (link)

All in all a great target, but it can only take so many broadheads before it comes apart. Instead of buying a new one every few months (or less), I have come up with a simple way to get several more lives out of them.

All you need is some cardboard, duct tape, and a knife.

Instead of just covering one side at a time, I like to cut and fit the cardboard to create a shell around the whole target. This keeps the foam in, and the target working -no matter how shredded it may be inside. I tape as I go, making sure everything fits squarely and tightly.

Using this repair method, I’ve had the same $40 target for the last 2 years. The pictures you see are of me applying the 6th layer of cardboard. The more you shoot, the more the old layers of cardboard are shredded, adding to the internal density (and thus, effectiveness) of the target.

I know… Any idiot could think of that. But do they have a super-awesome website to show how cool they are? -Didn’t think so!



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