Archery – The Little Things

People often talk about the “Witchery of Archery,” meaning – all of the minute details, gear tweaking, and magic that goes into getting a bow and arrow to shoot to its maximum potential. Today I experienced one of those details, and the dramatic effect it had on my performance.

Before this afternoon, I had my bow setup so that my anchor point (kisser button) was sitting in the corner of my lips with an open mouth. Through trial and error, I realized this was forcing me to crane my neck, and my open mouth was preventing a consistent anchor point. This was also throwing off my shot sequence, because of the movement of my breathing cycle.

While I typically don’t fuss with my gear in the middle of a hunting season, I didn’t want to further ingrain bad habits and incorrect muscle memory. I moved my peep sight down to where I was getting proper alignment with a closed mouth, and dropped my whole sight to compensate. I had the elevation dialed in after two shots, and was blown away by the sudden improvement in my accuracy. I have been shooting pretty well lately, but this little tweak turned a day of bad shooting into a far superior platform for further improvement.

With archery, it is a struggle to get the perfect setup, with the perfect accessories, perfect tuning, and to shoot consistently with perfect form. No matter how much money you through at it, getting “dialed in” can take years of experimentation. Patient troubleshooting, and a bit of self reflection will gradually help you and your gear perform to a higher standard.

Pay attention to the little things, and work through one problem at a time.

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