Realistic Archery Practice

One of my goals is to harvest a turkey with a bow from the ground. Whatever your goals are, make sure you practice realistically.

For example, I may have to shoot sitting down, from awkward positions, leaning around trees, uphill, downhill, over brush, etc.

Once I feel that my fundamentals are solid, I mix up my practice with different scenarios.

-Every time I draw my bow, I try to do so smoothly and stealthily in order to create a good habit.

-Practicing different scenarios will make you a better shooter. Feeling comfortable in an uncomfortable position will increase your confidence and performance when it matters most.

-If you hunt from a tree stand, practice from a tree stand. If you hunt from a ground blind, practice in a ground blind. If you still hunt, practice kneeling, sitting, leaning, slowly standing, etc.

-Practice drawing for long periods of time before shooting. Practice letting your bow down smoothly and slowly.

-Practice in bulky winter clothing, and with your binoculars and gear on. Practice with gloves on. Practice with your safety harness on.

-Practice in low light, and with blinding sun. Practice with sunglasses.

-Practice at intermediate ranges between your sight pins. Learn where your arrow hits at different holdovers, and learn the maximum range for each pin.

-Practice at different angles, and learn how uphill and downhill slopes affect your point of aim/point of impact.

Identify possible scenarios, and mix up your practice routine. Imagine realistic situations, and target the aspects that give you trouble. Don’t wait until an opportunity presents itself to try something new. Familiarize yourself with unconventional positions, and practice realistically.



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