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My name is Cosmo, and I am an Avid Ape.

The Avid Ape is a culmination of a life spent outdoors. The Avid Ape is about many things, but first and foremost it is about encouraging and empowering people to participate in and take responsibility for our natural resources. Whether through guided trips, individualized lessons, or helpful content, I aim to get you involved.

A bit about me: I live In upstate New York near the small city of Ithaca. My late father, Philip Genova, was a well known fly fishing instructor, author, and conservationist. As such, I have been fishing my entire life. I went along hunting with family friends from a young age, and began to do so on my own at as soon as I was legally allowed. I studied Anthropology at the University of Vermont,  and I am deeply interested in how our species has survived and evolved. Since graduating, I have been pursuing my love for the outdoors and committing every available minute to honing my skills and improving myself as a sportsman. I have also cooked professionally for nearly 10 years and am passionate about the field to table lifestyle. 

So why Avid Ape, and what makes this site different from all the other sporting websites and guide services that are available?

To be honest, Avid Ape is different because it is not a giant project with big name affiliates, multiple employees, or gimmicky merchandise. So far I am the sole contributor, and I do this because it is my passion. I believe strongly in advocacy, sportsman education, public land access, and conservationism. The sportsman and the land sustain each other.  Recruiting and empowering sportsman is my life.

Hunting and fishing are part of our species heritage. A heritage that is built into our biology and culture. The Avid Ape is about jump-starting your journey to rediscover it. My goal is to facilitate your journey to a life of attainable adventure.

But it can seem like a daunting task at first. The internet is overflowing with “expert” advice and snake-oil salesmen. The fact is, you will spend your whole life accumulating skills, knowledge, and gear. I love toys, and I am no primitivist, but I hope to represent those of us with more modest means and busy schedules. While the investment in gear and time, as well as reduced access to land has severely hurt the ability of average people to take part, through perseverance and thriftiness you can play too. 

Avid Ape is for the seasoned outdoorsman and the newbie alike. We as sportsman need to reach out to all different types of people. We are advocates and ambassadors of our trade whether we accept that responsibility or not. Through inclusiveness, we can change peoples minds about a lot of things that sportsman are concerned about. Acting with integrity and sharing the positives of hunting and fishing can have huge ramifications in the court of public opinion and the political sphere. Preaching to the converted will not sustain us forever. Everyone is welcome to a seat at the wild game table.

In that spirit, I want to bring you along my journey as I grow as a person and a sportsman. I want to share my experiences, observations, and mistakes. I want to show you how to find opportunity and adventure that is accessible to everyone. My blog content will focus mainly on the East Coast, and my forays through the Finger Lakes region of New York specifically. However, much of my content will apply to various regions and climates throughout the country, and the world. I am also a licensed New York State guide for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking, and I offer my services as a way to provide personalized trips and lessons to the public. Check out the “Guiding and Educational Services” page for more info, and click on the “Fly Fishing” and “Hunting” subpages for specific details.

In the “Blog” section, I will share stories, tips, DIY ideas, product reviews, and lessons learned from my many failures. I hope to eventually improve these topics, as well as add interviews, photo/video, and potentially bring in guest writers. I will tap into my culinary background to share wild game recipes and processing methods.

Thank you for your time, and stay tuned for new posts and booking updates. 



Hunt. Fish. Eat. Evolve



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  • avidape says:

    Thanks for looking me up Marla. I too hope to meet you’re family some day!

  • marla genova says:

    Hi Cosmo,Im Marla Genova,your Dad’s cousin.I was showing my son Travis Genova,who is an avid Fisherman,some info on your Dad and his fishing skills.I saw your website and took a look at it.I remember seeing you a few times when you were just a baby.My son Travis would Love to meet you one
    day.We are back in Scranton after 17 years in Florida.But if you are on fb,my son is Travis Genova.I think you would have much in common. Hope to talk to again soon…Marla

  • avidape says:

    Thank you so much Craig. I cherish the memory of visiting your home as a child. I remember shooting 3D turkeys with my tiny little bow and catching bass from your pond! I will definitely take your advice to heart, and I plan to continue posting recipes as I catch and harvest game throughout the seasons. I will do my best to keep them simple and down to earth.

  • Craig Dougherty says:

    oops, just read my post and tripped over my typos. not sure how to fix in post so please bare with me

  • Craig Dougherty says:

    Cosmo, I know I have a bunch of years on you and as a guy with a ton of time in the outdoor industry, I salute what you are doing here. The number one threat to our outdoor heritage is recruiting new participants and guess what, new recruits need to start somewhere. And they need to be comfortable with who they when starting the journey. Too many sites are filled with expert opinions (inreality many are full of BS) and are places where newcomers are lost as soon as they begin the experience. Creating a safe enviotnmnt where fellow Apes can evolve with you is a great concept. Speaking of evolving, hope you share some really simple ways to cook what I kill. That is the one part of the total experience where I am sorely in need of some mentoring. But please Chef, practice what you preach and keep it really simple (5 ingredients per, available at any grocery store and cooked in one pot only or something like that) You, young man, are now my ticket to ride to hunting camp culinary glory. Looking forward to stopping by often to follow your adventures or do a little evolving of my own

  • Spenser W says:

    I am 100% into this! Great job Cosmo, I would love to contribute and follow.

  • Seth Gregory says:

    I look forward to working with you outside of the restaurant setting. Anything I can help you with, I will. This is a great project.

    Seth Gregory

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